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Origins of Huge Pentagram in Kazakh Countryside Explained

The pentagram in northern Kazakhstan, as seen on Google Earth.

The secret behind a mysterious pentagram in northern Kazakhstan has been uncovered by archeologists.

The pentagram, which is visible on Google Earth, is more than 360 meters in diameter and is located near a lake, about 20 kilometers from the nearest city of Lisakovsk, The Daily Mail reported.

Internet users built theories around the giant symbol, with many saying it was used for satanic worship. Others said that it is an abandoned air missile site that had been used by the Russian military.

But the pentagram is nothing more than an ordinary park that was built during the Soviet era before being allowed to fall into ruin, archeologist Emma Usmanova said in a report by Business Insider. The star was one of the U.S.S.R.'s main symbols.

It is not known who built the park or why it was not maintained.

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