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'Feed the Giraffe' Attraction Sees 13 Injured

At least 13 people were injured Tuesday at the Moscow Zoo when visitors' eagerness to feed the giraffe caused a bridge to collapse.

The two-meter wooden construction collapsed under too much weight, injuring six visitors who'd been standing on it as well as several people standing below. Eight people were hospitalized, according to Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

A notice was posted near the "Feed the Giraffe" attraction warning visitors that the bridge could only hold one person at a time, but the warning went unheeded, NTV reported.

Sergei Kapkov, the head of the city's culture department, told NTV the attraction normally had a zoo employee standing by and handing out food for the giraffe, but the bridge was closed Tuesday due to the rain.

Several people apparently removed the tarp closing off the attraction and climbed on.

Preliminary reports say one man broke his leg and several others received fractures.

A criminal case has been opened on charges of rendering services that do not meet safety requirements.

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