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Moscow Sees Coldest Day of the Week

People walking by City Hall at 13 Tverskaya Ulitsa on a wet Wednesday afternoon. Igor Tabakov

After unusually warm spell, the Moscow temperature dipped to 15 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, with forecasters declaring it would be the coldest day of the week.

In the Moscow region, the temperature was set to drop even lower, with a daytime forecast of 13 to 18 C, Interfax reported.

Last week saw record-breaking temperatures posted in Moscow as the temperature regularly soared above 25 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the May norm was surpassed by  9 to 10 C.

Despite the cold front, the temperature is set to rise Thursday to 18 to 19 C, with scattered rain showers. On Friday, the temperatures is expected to top 25 C — but a thunderstorm is also predicted to hit the city.

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