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Police Weigh Raising Speed Limit to 130km/h

The traffic police is considering raising the speed limit to 130 kilometers per hour on some roads.

Viktor Nilov, head of the country's traffic police, said he was weighing the increase after receiving a request from road construction and maintenance officials to allow cars to travel faster on toll roads of the road if conditions allowed it.

"We are considering the proposal," Nilov said in an interview with Interfax.

The traffic police prepared a draft revision of road rules earlier this month, and a copy of it has been published on the Interior Ministry's website. The draft highlights that the speed limit can be increased only if the road conditions allow for safe driving.

Russia's first toll road is the М11 highway that will link Moscow with St. Petersburg. The first stretch of the road is expected to open this year.

Currently, the top speed allowed on roads around Moscow arund 100 kilometers per hour, although drivers are known to travel at  120 km/h and faster on the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Ring Road.

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