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Ads Seeking Girl Escorts Appear on School's Website

Voronezh prosecutors have warned a local school principal after advertisements inviting young women to work in escort services in Moscow were published on the school's website.

The website of School No. 40 "displayed advertisements about work opportunities for young women in Moscow in 'escort services' as well as a link to a site," the Voronezh region's prosecutor's office said in a statement.

That site "presents the life of girls involved in prostitution in bright colors, placing an emphasis on their lifestyle and high earnings, their ability to pay for an education and to buy an apartment and a car," the statement said.

The prosecutor's office obliged the school principal to remove the illegal advertising from the school's website and censure the guilty officials.

Since the school's website was based on an online service for site building, uCoz, the owners of the questionable ads may not have been involved in placing them onto the school's site, local news portal said.

UCoz can be used as a free or paid service. In the free mode, used by most local schools, the hosting adds ads selected by an advertising partner. UCoz has removed the ads from the school's site.

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