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Drunk Man Hijacks Ambulance Called for Him

Police detained a man on Sunday in northwestern Moscow who hijacked an ambulance his relatives had called for him, a news report said.

Paramedics arrived at the apartment where the call was made on Sunday afternoon only to be told by the residents that the man they'd called medics for had fled, Interfax reported. Relatives told police he'd been drinking for at least four days straight.

Once back on the street, they found the ambulance driver battered but the vehicle missing, as well as the intended patient. At that point, they notified the police.

Police then spotted the hijacked ambulance near Kashirskoye Shosse's intersection with the Third Ring and began a pursuit.

The hijacker stopped the vehicle and ran into a shoe store, where police caught up with him and detained him.

He was wearing only his underwear, police said.

Police are currently looking into the circumstances of the incident.

According to a law enforcement official, the initial request for an ambulance was prompted by heart problems on the part of the hijacker.

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