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City Hall Publishes Blacklist of Gas Stations

Filling stations be warned: You could end up on a blacklist if you offer substandard gasoline.

City Hall on Wednesday released a list of five gas stations that it has determined sell low-quality gasoline that fail to meet environmental standards.

The gas stations and the octane ratings of the suspect fuel, according to the list published on the City Hall website, are:

* TD Evro fuel sold at the ASED filling station at 4/6 Privolnaya Ulitsa

* TD Evro sold at Mekhanizatsiya-2 at 17B Uzhnoportovaya Ulitsa

* AI-80 sold at Mospromzhelezobeton at 2/7 Ulitsa Khimushina

* AI-92 and AI-95 sold at Alyans-Oil at 65B Dmitrovskoye Shosse

* AI-92 and AI-95 sold at Sokol in the southwestern Moscow suburb of Kommunarka

It was unclear whether the gas stations would face any sanctions.

But City Hall said additional gas stations might be added to the list, Interfax reported.

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