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What the Papers Say, Feb. 13, 2013


1. Viktor Khamrayev and Sofya Samokhina article headlined "In accordance with presidential account" comments on President Vladimir Putin's bill banning officials from owning foreign shares and bank accounts abroad; pp 1, 3 (981 words).

2. Pyotr Netreba and Dmitry Butrin article headlined "Andrei Belousov to put investors on waiting list" says Economic Development Minister Andrei Belousov has come up with an initiative to draft a waiting list for investment spending. If the plan is implemented, governmental agencies will wait for budget money in accordance with certain order; pp 1-2 (650 words).

3. Alexei Dospekhov and Afsati Dzhusoyti article headlined "Games without wrestling" says the International Olympic Committee wants to exclude wrestling from Olympic sports. Russia is displeased by the plans; pp 1, 12 (1,075 words).

4. Svetlana Dementyeva et al. report headlined "VEB's affiliate becomes worn out" says that Ukraine's Prominvestbank, being a foreign affiliate of Russia's bank VEB, is asking for Moscow's financial support; pp 1, 8 (832 words).

5. Maxim Ivanov article headlined "Gennady Gudkov plans to appeal to European court" says that as the Russian Supreme Court has taken the side of the State Duma in its dispute with former opposition MP Gennady Gudkov ousted from the parliament, he plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights; p 2 (628 words).

6. Anna Pushkarskaya article headlined "Barnaul court leaves Constitutional one behind" says the Russian Constitutional Court has stopped hearing an appeal by Igor Goncharov convicted as part of the Yukos oil company case, as a Barnaul court was faster to reduce the prison sentence of the complainant; p 2 (477 words).

7. Irina Nagornykh et al. report headlined "Presidential administration structure gives rise to questions" looks at changes in the structure of the Russian presidential administration; p 3 (741 words).

8. Ivan Buranov report "Group search" says that people's brigades to fight against illegal immigration have been set up in Moscow; p 3 (600 words).

9. Grigory Tumanov report "Human rights campaigners measure pressure put on activists" says that the human rights organization Agora has published a report on persecution of civil activists in 2012; p 4 (650 words).

10. Kirill Belyaninov article headlined "Barack Obama no longer needs opposition" looks at US President Barack Obama's state-of-the-nation address; p 6 (583 words).

11. Sergei Strokan and Alexei Chernyshov article headlined "North Korea achieves tremendous effect" says that the North Korean nuclear test will have a negative effect on Russia as it may provoke an arms race by the Russian Far East's border; p 6 (625 words).

12. Pavel Tarasenko article headlined "BRICS to have single bank and virtual secretariat" says that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is visiting South Africa, has discussed preparation for the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit to be held in the country in March; p 6 (510 words).

13. Vladimir Vavitsky interview headlined "This initiative is strange at least" with Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov; p 10 (600 words).

14. Vladislav Novyy interview "League not obliged to coordinate anything with Communications Ministry" with the executive director of the Safe Internet League, Denis Davydov; p 10 (600 words).

15. Roman Rozhkov report "Content wars" looks at the activities and proposals of the Safe Internet League; p 10 (2,300 words).

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

1. Alexandra Samarina article headlined "Kindred spirit" says the All-Russia People's Front has branches in half of Russian regions. The authorities, however, have not yet made a decision as regards the political future of the movement; pp 1-2 (787 words).

2. Vladimir Mukhin article headlined "Azerbaijan's army takes direction of main strike" says that Azerbaijan has started a military exercise near the disputable territory of Nagornyy Karabakh. Meanwhile, Russia is taking part in a joint drill with Armenia in the same region; pp 1-2 (700 words).

3. Igor Naumov article headlined "Teachers have to wait until doomsday" says that the Russian regional authorities lack funds to raise teachers' salaries. Moscow has not offered help; pp 1, 4 (789 words).

4. Ivan Rodin and Alexandra Samarina article headlined "Putin's advisers stripped of their staff" looks at changes in the Russian presidential administration approved by Putin; pp 1, 3 (718 words).

5. Anton Khodasevich article headlined "Minsk's somersaults in different directions" says that while Belarussian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka is visiting Sochi, his foreign minister goes to Tbilisi for an unofficial summit of the Eastern Partnership member states; pp 1, 7 (599 words).

6. Tatyana Dvoynova article headlined "Vladivostok mayor being exiled in Transbaykal Territory" says that as Vladivostok mayor Igor Pushkarev has not been included in the One Russia electoral headquarters ahead of the single voting day in the city, experts believe he will be replaced in the mayoral election in September and may be sent to head Transbaykal Territory; pp 1, 6 (614 words).

7. Editorial headlined "Work with soldier's soul" comments on Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's plans to reinstate the post of officers responsible for education of conscripts in the Armed Forces; p 2 (527 words).

8. Valeria Khamrayeva and Ivan Rodin article headlined "Accounts to be colored grey" says that Putin has allowed officials to own property abroad; his new bill bans only the ownership of shares, bonds and bank accounts abroad; p 3 (697 words).

9. Tatyana Ivzhenko article headlined "Ukraine and Russia discuss compromise" says that Kiev and Moscow are close to reaching a new gas deal; p 7 (1,117 words).

10. Darya Tsilyurik article headlined "America can no longer afford Afghanistan" says that as the Pentagon opposes the fast withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan for security reasons; the US presidential administration believes there is no financing to continue the operation; p 8 (600 words).

11. Vladimir Skosyrev article headlined "North Korea creates warhead for missile" says that experts believe it will take North Korea from five to seven years to develop its own nuclear warhead, as Pyongyang has tested a nuclear bomb; p 8 (649 words).

12. Yury Paniyev report "Scotland between pound and euro" says that the UK government has begun to publish the results of surveys showing possible negative consequences of Scotland's secession from the UK; p 8 (850 words).


1. Tatyana Voronova and Boris Safronov article headlined "Troika in automatic mode" says that the need to make the last payment to the former owners of Troika Dialog and problems with calculating its size hamper the integration of the financial company into Sberbank; p 1 (350 words).

2. Maria Zheleznova article headlined "Deputy from Florida" says that opposition activist Alexei Navalny claims that State Duma member Vladimir Pekhtin owns property in Florida and does not declare it; pp 1, 3 (675 words).

3. Editorial headlined "Security more important" says the presidential bill on ban on foreign asset ownership for Russian officials has shown new priorities in the Kremlin's policy. At the same time, the bill does not stipulate the mechanism of checking officials' assets, the article notes; pp 1, 6 (411 words).

4. Editorial headlined "Electronic pride" says that Russia has proved not to be ready for universal electronic cards that were planned to replace passports and other documents; p 6 (309 words).

5. Maxim Glikin et al. report "To live without paying" says that the president has banned officials from having foreign deposits and shares, allowing them to own property abroad; p 2 (950 words).

6. Alexei Nikolsky report "Loud blast of medium power" looks at the nuclear explosion carried out by North Korea; p 3 (400 words).

7. Article by Yabloko party co-founder Grigory Yavlinsky headlined "Transparency as way to diversification" calls for more public control over the work of Russian energy companies; pp 6-7 (1,884 words).

8. Anastasia Golitsyna report "YouTube stands up for pumpkin" says that YouTube has sued the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection (Rospotrebnadzor); p 17 (750 words).


1. Anna Lyalyakina article headlined "NGOs to be prohibited from using state funds to support parties and rallies" looks at the instructions issued for the regional authorities by the Russian Economic Development Ministry regarding support of socially-oriented NGOs; pp 1, 4 (535 words).

2. Sergei Podosenov article headlined "Prokhorov prepares camps for migrants" says the Civil Platform party of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has come up with an initiative to set up special camps for migrant workers where they would be forced to get adapted to living in Russia; pp 1, 4 (411 words).

3. Pyotr Kozlov article headlined "Kremlin and Central Electoral Commission argue about next elections" says the Russian presidential administration and the Central Electoral Commission cannot come to agreement on the way of voting. The Kremlin opposes the technical innovation proposed by the commission, such as electronic ballot boxes, and wants to use transparent ballot boxes instead; p 2 (760 words).

4. Anastasia Kashevarova interview with pro-Kremlin political analyst Sergei Kurginyan who speaks about juvenile justice; p 3 (700 words).

5. Alexei Mikhaylov and Dmitry Balburov article headlined "Russia creates largest ship since 1989" on the Russian Navy's plans to build a record large destroyer; p 5 (531 words).

6. Konstantin Volkov article headlined "North Korea leads itself to preventive strike" says that new sanctions cannot affect North Korea after the country has made its neighbors indignant at its new nuclear test; p 7 (466 words).

7. Yevgeny Antonov and Pavel Baranov article headlined "Benedict abdicates imperceptibly" says the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign has left Rome unmoved; p 7 (818 words).

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

1. Vladimir Barshev article headlined "Dzhigits for Gazel [minivans]" reviews new regulations for taking driving tests in Russia, which will affect migrant workers; pp 1, 7 (1,096 words).

2. Niva Marakyan article headlined "Who will become Pope" looks at candidates for the post of the Pope after Benedict XVI decided to resign; pp 1, 8 (806 words).

3. Vladislav Kulikov article headlined "Secret rendezvous, passwords and pay rise" says the paper publishes documents on the pay rise of the personnel of secret services and the Emergencies Ministry involved in dangerous work; pp 1, 5 (482 words).

4. Oleg Kiryanov article headlined "Innovation" comments on the North Korean nuclear test; p 6 (611 words).

5. Vladislav Vorobyev article headlined "Visit to future" reports on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's African tour; p 6 (411 words).

6. Olga Dmitriyeva article headlined "Brits to be left without news" says the BBC may have to sack 2,000 people due to budget spending cuts in the UK; p 8 (416 words).

7. Vladislav Vorobyev interview with Deputy Foreign Minister Grigoriy Karasin; p 12 (3,400 words).

Moskovsky Komsomolets

1. Marina Ozerova article headlined "Officials lose foreign accounts" reviews restrictions that Putin has imposed on the Russian ruling elite, such as the ban on ownership of foreign assets and bank accounts abroad; pp 1-2 (802 words).

2. Olga Bozhyeva article headlined "One hundred days after order: no Shoigu going backwards!" looks at the results of 100 days in office of new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu; pp 1, 3 (940 words).

3. Anastasia Rodionova interview with the wife of opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov, Anastasia, headlined "Udaltsov will write book during house arrest"; pp 1-2 (650 words).

4. Mikhail Delyagin report "Russia is terrible country" looks at the threat of economic crisis in Russia; p 3 (1,200 words).

5. Darya Tyukova interview "Uncontrollable North Korea" with Anatoly Tsyganok, the head of the Center for Military Forecasts, who looks at the nuclear test carried out by North Korea; p 10 (600 words).

RBK Daily

1. Anastasia Novikova and Svetlana Makunina article headlined "Putin against accounts" says that the Russian State Duma deputies have spent too much time introducing amendments to the initial bill banning officials from having bank accounts abroad. They now have to support the new version of the bill filed by President Vladimir Putin, whose interference will hit the interests of those deputies who supported Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's position not to toughen the law; pp 1-2 (600 words).

2. Yulia Yakovleva article headlined "Punitive patchwork" says that the State Duma opposition is strongly against the introduction of the deputies' ethics Code; p 2 (500 words).

3. Alexander Litoy article headlined "Smooth arrests" comments on two reports by the Agora organization, one reviewing the prosecution of human rights activists in Russia and the other one devoted to attacks on sexual minorities. It has become usual practice to initiate criminal proceedings against certain people, which explains the outflow of opposition activists abroad, the reports say; p 2 (500 words).

4. Anastasia Novikova interview with the State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, who was the initial author of the bill banning officials from having property abroad; p 2 (400 words).

5. Sergei Khayruk article headlined "YouTube sues Onishchenko" says that YouTube video hosting service has appealed against the decision of the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection as regards putting one of the videos on the black list. The video has been regarded as an instruction for suicide, whereas it is devoted to Halloween make-up; p 9 (400 words).

Novyye Izvestia

1. Nadezhda Krasilova article headlined "Money doesn't like to be counted anymore" says that the bill banning officials from having bank accounts abroad may be an attempt to avoid the negative consequences of the future anti-Russian laws similar to the Magnitsy law; p 2 (550 words).

2. Valentina Shakhova article headlined "Siege of science town" comments on the embezzlement of funds revealed at the Skolkovo innovation center; p 3 (400 words).

3. Yevgenia Zubchenko interview with A Just Russia party deputy Oksana Dmitriyeva, who speaks on the current tax policy in Russia; p 3 (400 words).

Komsomolskaya Pravda

1. Dmitry Nadezhdin article headlined "North Korea sends world nuclear punch" comments on the North Korean nuclear tests, saying that it is growing into a new world's nuclear power; p 6 (250 words).

2. Alexander Boyko and Vladimir Demchenko interview with the head of the Moscow Main Interior Directorate, Anatoly Yakunin; pp 12-13 (2,100 words).

Novaya Gazeta

1. Vasily Golovnin article headlined "North Korea shakes world" notes that North Korea held its nuclear test in 177-km distance from the Russian border and international sanctions cannot affect the country; p 6 (643 words).

2. Yulia Latynina article headlined "Bastrykin — new face of Yves Rocher" slams the Russian Investigations Committee for persecution of opposition activist Alexei Navalny when the law-enforcement agencies are turning a blind eye to embezzlement and thefts during the preparation for the Sochi Olympics; p 3 (782 words).

Krasnaya Zvezda

1. Sergei Medvedev article headlined "Stability hit by nuclear bomb" comments on the North Korean nuclear test; pp 1, 3 (1,100 words).

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