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Property Committee Gains Victory over Baturina

The Moscow Arbitration Court has set the tone for the ongoing legal struggle between Yelena Baturina, former head of the development company Inteko, and the state property agency concerning land on the west side of the city, Vedomosti reported.

The court decided that the large plots, at the intersection of Minskaya Ulitsa and Starovolynskaya Ulitsa, were illegally inserted into the official cadastral plan, according to the legal information service Rapsi.

In June, the court ordered that Baturina hand over 16.4 hectares of the disputed land, which is known as Setunskai. The new court decision raises the question of ownership of the remaining 8 hectares.

The entire property was purchased in 2003 by a company controlled by Baturina, and it was put on the cadastral plan. However, in 1993, part of the plot was designated for diplomatic missions by then-President Boris Yeltsin. 


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