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Hackers Attack Rights Ombudsman's Website

Unknown hackers attacked the official website of Russia's human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin on Monday, replacing the home page with Muslim imagery and a loud song.

The hacked page was later removed as well, and a visit to the site showed only jumbled text.

Lukin voiced surprise about the attack, saying the website contains no national security secrets and all its information could easily be found on other online resources.

"I have no idea whatsoever about who might have needed to do this," Lukin told Interfax.

After the hacking attack, the homepage initially displayed a message saying it had been "Hacked by MalikiAjdar Pakistan Cyber Attacker" together with an animated version of Pakistan's national emblem, a crescent and a star, and music.

The ombudsman's website was hacked at least once earlier this year. It was knocked offline for about an hour in August and displayed the message, "Hacked by DeTol Cyber." No public explanation has been offered for that attack.

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