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Lawmaker Asks for Explanation Over Romney Jnr.'s Russia Visit

An opposition lawmaker on Tuesday formally requested prosecutors run a check to clarify why Matt Romney, a son of U.S presidential candidate Mitt Romney, made a trip to Moscow just days before the U.S. election.

News reports said last week that Romney's son had flown to Russia to seek investors for his California-based real estate company but that he also met with someone with access to President Vladimir Putin to pass on a message from his father.

In comments carried by Izvestia on Tuesday, Just Russia lawmaker Mikhail Serdyuk said that Romney's son would have to be an authorized delegate of the U.S presidential candidate for such a meeting to be legal.

If that were the case, then everything said by Romney's son should be taken as the official position of his father's campaign, Serdyuk said, adding that he had addressed his concerns to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in a letter.

With Americans going to the polls Tuesday, Serdyuk said that were Romney to win, the issue would no doubt be raised during a presidential visit to Russia.

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