Support The Moscow Times! Making Browser Group will launch its own browser, called Amigo, which will be integrated with popular social networks, the company said in a press release Thursday, Interfax reported.

An alpha version of the browser is currently being tested inside the company and among certain users. Amigo is equipped with a special panel for work with Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir.

"Integration of different services and websites with social networks is one of the key trends: Comscore says about 50 million Russian Internet users go on social networks monthly. We went a step further and added the social networks directly to the browser," Group vice president Vladimir Gabrielyan said.

Meanwhile, cofounder Grigory Finger has sold his entire stake in the company, raising $408 million in an accelerated bookbuilding deal, the company said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

(Reuters, MT)

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