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First-Ever Russian-Made Tablet Presented

Russia will soon have a domestic-made tablet, which could compete with Apple's iPad, above.

A company based at a university technology park presented a prototype of the first-ever Russian-made tablet computer to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Thursday, assuring him that it would meet the standards of both the military and consumers.

The tablet is expected to debut by the end of the year and will cost around 15,000 rubles ($466), Andrei Starikovsky, director of a technology firm based at MIFI National Atomic Research University, told Rogozin, Interfax reported.

While the tablet will be produced in Russia, most of the parts will be foreign-made, Starikovsky said.

Two versions of the computer will be produced, he told Rogozin: one designed specially for military purposes and another for consumers.

Rogozin is in charge of the domestic military-industrial complex in the government and has been tasked with overseeing development of the outdated sector.

Starikovsky said the new tablet will have a 10-inch screen, Wi-Fi capability, and will be able to run the Russian GLONASS and GPS navigation systems.

He said the device will be produced at the Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems. It was unclear what brand the computer would be marketed under.

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