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Swimming Barred at 5 of 11 City Beaches

A beach at the Serebryany Bor park in northwest Moscow.

Five of Moscow's 11 designated outdoor swimming areas have been declared off limits to bathers due to unacceptably high levels of microbes and chemicals in the water, the city consumer protection agency said Friday.

Swimming has been temporarily banned in the waters at the Serebryany Bor 2, Serebryany Bor 3, Beach Club, Troparyevo and Bolshoi Sadovy Pond parks, a spokesman for the regulator told Interfax.

The prohibition leaves six city recreation zones open to swimmers: Meshchershoye, Shkolnoye Lake, Chyornoye Lake, Lake Beloye, Levoberezhny, and Bolshoi Gorodskoi Pond.

The spokesman said the sanitary conditions at parks both with and without swimming areas are satisfactory overall and noted that no complaints had been received regarding Moscow's recreation zones.

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