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American Diplomats Involved in Accidents

There were no injuries in either of the accidents involving U.S. Embassy employees, a law enforcement source told Interfax. Dmitry Abramov

Two employees of the U.S. Embassy were involved in automobile accidents in Moscow over the weekend, Interfax reported. No one was injured in either accident.

On Saturday evening, a Moscow resident his late 40s and driving a Nissan Maxima collided with a Volkswagen Jetta with red diplomatic license plates on the intersection of Uralskaya Ulitsa and Shchelkovskoye Shosse in northwestern Moscow, the report said, citing the police. The Jetta was driven by a political and ecological analyst at the embassy, it said.

In the other accident, also Saturday, a Jeep Commando driven by a secretary in the embassy’s political department struck a VAZ-2107 that was stopped at a red light. The accident happened in front of 12 Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya, not far from the embassy.

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