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'Truth About Russians' Video Deemed Extremist

A video with images of Russians drinking, as above, was judged extremist Monday. Vladimir Filonov

A Novosibirsk court on Monday ruled extremist a short video titled "All the Truth About Russians," saying its depictions of people drinking and the accompanying audio statements were insulting to Russians.

The video, posted on social networking sites by a man from the town of Berdsk, has been removed from the websites and banned because it shows Russians in a negative light, the regional prosecutor said in a statement, Interfax reported.

"Experts have judged that the video and accompanying text degrade the Russian people as a whole, showing its inadequacies and comparing Russian men with animals," the statement said.

Audio accompanying the video includes statements about "how easy Russian women are" and how Russian men "are not worthy of being called men", reported.

The man who made the film, who faces extremism charges in the case, has not been named but is of Russian nationality.

According to the Justice Ministry website, the extremist materials list includes 1,132 banned videos, articles and other media. Several videos that apparently espoused nationalist values, including those with the titles "Go Slavs" and "Russia for Russians!", were banned by a Krasnodar court decision from January.

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