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The Atlantic: Photos of Life for a Northern Siberian People

In a selection of photos in The Atlantic by Steve Morgan, the photographer reveals the arctic landscape of northern Siberia, both bringing its native people to life and exposing the reality of climate change.

Survival International's Joanna Eede provides context for the series of photographs with captions.

The hardy Nenets people can travel up to 1,000 km with their herds of reindeer each winter in temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit).

The photos depict galloping reindeer herds and show the yurts, tools and peculiarities of everyday life for the Nenets people, including cups of reindeer blood, which they consume together with the animals' meat.

The collection of photos also addresses themes of change, depicting a tundra transformed by railways, gas lines and oil drilling, where the melt of permafrost is contributing to a drastically changing life for the native peoples.

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