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New Technology to Extract Cuban Oil

ST. PETERSBURG — Russian state company Zarubezhneft plans to sign a contract for the development of the Boca de Jaruco section in Cuba on June 24, the head of the company's management, Artyom Fomkin, said at the conference Sector Fuel and Energy Complex 2011.

"The signing of an agreement to set up technologies for boosting oil recovery at Boca de Jaruco in Cuba is slated for June 24," he said.

The Boca de Jaruco field has been under development for several decades. Oil from this field is superviscous.

Zarubezhneft signed an agreement with the Cuban government for operations at this section, which foresee the introduction of technologies to boost oil recovery.

Fomkin said steam-based technologies would be applied at the field in order to raise output in the first stage. Zarubezhneft has already developed a special steam-unit for the development of similar fields and plans to test it locally at its Orenburg field.

"We will test the newest steam-generator units at fields in Orenburg in August. In the future, we plan to certify this equipment and launch active utilization in Russia and overseas," he said. Fomkin added that the Cuban project would be "the company's first testing-ground overseas for using this new technology."

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