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14-Year Sentence Delay Requested – Again

Irkutsk prosecutors on Wednesday asked a court to postpone for 14 years a two-year prison sentence for a driver who killed a pedestrian and crippled another, Interfax reported.

Anna Shavenkova, daughter of the then-head of the Irkutsk region elections committee, rammed into two female pedestrians on an Irkutsk sidewalk in 2009 after losing control of her car.

Surveillance video leaked online showed Shavenkova ignoring the victims and examining the damage to the car while talking on her cell phone after the crash.

An Irkutsk court sentenced Shavenkova to three years in prison in 2010 — but postponed the sentence until her newborn son reaches 14.

The ruling, which is in line with the law, sparked outrage amid bloggers, many of whom said the non-obligatory leniency rule was only applied because Shavenkova was an official's daughter.

A higher court ordered a retrial last year. A new verdict may be passed Friday, Interfax said.

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