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Spy Chapman Poses for 'Erotic' Photos

Glamorous secret agent Anna Chapman has posed provocatively for a Russian magazine shoot in her first public appearance since she was deported from the United States in a major spy swap.

The 28-year-old redhead agreed to an “exclusive interview and photo shoot” for Zhara, Maxim Korshunov, the glossy magazine’s editor, said by telephone Friday.

“It was just a matter of convincing her that we will give her the exposure she needs,” Korshunov said. “The photos of our spy are very revealing and erotic.”

The Chapman issue will go on sale Sept. 1.

Zhara, published by News Media-Rus, says it has a circulation of 135,000., an online tabloid owned by News Media-Rus, has published film footage of Chapman being photographed for Zhara in a VIP room in the upscale Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow. In the 1 minute, 43 second clip, Chapman struts about in two figure-hugging dresses.

"Clearly enjoying showing off her curves, Chapman shows that women's secrets mean more to her than those she kept at the secret service," the web site wrote, in a clear jibe at the fact Chapman and nine other Russian spies were caught.

In July, in one of the biggest spy swaps since the end of the Cold War, 10 people in the United States who admitted to being agents for Russia were exchanged for four imprisoned Russians who were accused of having traded secrets with the West.

As a condition of the plea agreement, Chapman and others agreed not to profit from their story and stipulated that any money they got would go to the U.S. federal government.

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