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Top Cop Says Soviet Cartoons Build Children's Morals

Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said Thursday that a steady diet of Soviet cartoons would contribute to the moral fiber of children.

"We need to bring back our cartoons," Nurgaliyev told a session of the Federation Council. "We need to bring back those characters and heros that a whole generation of children were raised on in our country."

Nurgaliyev, speaking at a discussion of a national strategy for children's issues, also said Russia should not follow other countries in dealing with its children because it has its own unique values.

"I think that the time has come that we need to put everything back in its place," he said, in comments carried by Interfax.

Nurgaliyev gave a shortened version of his planned speech after the speaker before him, a 10th grader, went long in her remarks, the report said.

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