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Russia Opens ‘Terrorism’ Inquiry Over Train Derailment

Russian Investigative Committee

Russian authorities said Saturday they had launched a "terrorism" probe after the derailment of a goods train southwest of Moscow.

An "improvised explosive device" caused the derailment of 19 of the train's wagons in the Ryazan region on Saturday, the state investigation committee said in a social media announcement.

Several sabotage attempts have been made on Russian railways since the country started its offensive against Ukraine in February 2022.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Kyiv of being responsible, although Russian authorities have yet to point the blame at Ukraine for Saturday's incident.

The derailment left one employee injured, the state-owned railway operator said, adding that it was due to "the intervention of unauthorized persons."

Fifteen of the derailed wagons were damaged, investigators said.

They are attempting to establish "all the circumstances around the incident and the people involved in the crime," the committee said.

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