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Russia Jails Woman for Trying to Set Fire to Army Aid Collection Point

A military aid collection point. Sergei Kiselev / Moskva News Agency

A Russian court sentenced a 20-year-old woman to six years in prison for trying to set fire to a military aid collection point, state media reported Friday.

Authorities have slapped long jail terms on Russians accused of attacking enlistment offices or trying to disrupt military operations in Ukraine.

The woman, identified only as Zotova, had tried to set fire to a collection point in the central Yaroslavl region, state news agency RIA Novosti said.

She was "involved in an attempt to commit a terrorist act," RIA reported, citing local security services.

"She was sentenced to a term of six years in a general prison colony," the security services said, alleging the woman was acting on the orders of a Ukrainian serviceman.

Thousands have been detained for protesting against Russia's large-scale military intervention in Ukraine launched in February last year.

Most of the country's high-profile public figures linked with the political opposition are either jailed or in exile.

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