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Almost 40 museums have put part of their collections on one site

"Still Life With String Bag" Oscar Rabin 1989 From the collection of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art

The Moscow city site has dedicated a new section to "Museum Moscow" where almost 40 museums in the city have uploaded images of part of their collections.

The museums range in subject matter from several major art museums, such as the Moscow Museum of Conteporary Art and the Glazunov Gallery, to house museums of writers Nikolai Gogol, Marina Tsvetayeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky and others. You might start by flipping through exhibits at the Fashion Museum, move on to consider folk art at the Museum of Luboks and Naive Art, enjoy the old graphics at the Moscow Zoo collection, and then meet Belka and Strelka, the first dogs who went up into space and came back, at the Museum of Cosmonautics. 

The subject matter is varied, as are the size of the collections currently online. But several hours of self-isolation will pass by quickly.

It's all in Russian, but don't let that stop you from clicking and seeing what's there.

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