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KU Ramen – Authentic Japanese Noodles

We love ramen noodle soup which is a Japanese interpretation of a dish originating from China. A generous plate with noodles, hearty broth served with meat toppings is a great option for lunch or a simple dinner.

We tried KU Ramen on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya quite some time ago for the first time. Our order was tantananmen, gyoza dumplings with shrimps and green tea cake for dessert. The noodles had a very balanced taste, the shrimp dumplings turned out to be very juicy inside. We enjoyed our window seating in the light, modern and simple setting of KU Ramen. The restaurant was busy for lunch but we experienced a quick and attentive service.

KU Ramen has a very simple setting so it is not recommended for a romantic dinner or a friends night out. But it is a great place for a quick, tasty and filing lunch/dinner. This is exactly how we have experienced ramen places to be in Japan: great food, quick service and simple setting.

As a matter of fact KU Ramen is also very popular with the Japanese community as we have heard. And as a rule, kids favor noodles, so just stop by with the whole family if you are nearby KU Ramen's locations throughout Moscow.

By the way, it is not a bad etiquette to slurp noodles in Japan. But we are not sure if it is appropriate in Moscow!?

Location: Depo Food Market (Lesnaya str 20), Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 69, Smolenskaya 8, Presnenskaya nab 10/2
Metro: Belorusskaya, Smolenskaya, Vistavochnya
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