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Winter Has Come to Russia's Arctic City of Norilsk

Winter comes early in the Arctic city of Norilsk — and barely halfway through the month of September, the first snows have made their arrival.

Seeing snowstorms so early in the season is rare even for Norilsk, weather forecasters told Russian media, adding that they don't usually start until late October.

As we make the best of the warmer temperatures in Moscow while we can, here's a look at what the people of Norilsk have been up to:
Instagram / chizh_sabina_mark

Snow so early and fluffy one can barely believe it. 

Just another day in December, or September...

This pup isn't having it. 

Who wants watermelon in winter? 

A young citizen remembers brighter days. 

This champ, on the other hand, is ready to go. 

These grey skies paint a bleak picture. 

The metaphor is strong.

Everything seems further away when it's this cold outside. 

We're so not ready for slippery ice on the streets. 

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