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Russian Bear Caught in Compromising Position Destroys the Evidence

Screenshot Leopard Land / Youtube

Sometimes, you just need to scratch that itch — but it’s only good manners to do it in private.

A Himalayan bear was recently spotted doing just that at the Leopard Land conservation trust in Russia’s Far East, or so it thought.

Video captured by the nature reserve’s conservationists shows the bear standing up and shimmying its back along a tree to get the perfect scratch.

Soon after, however, the bear spots the camera that had seen the forbidden display — and decides that destroying the evidence is the only option. It walks directly to the camera and promptly takes a bite, cutting the video short.

Luckily, the bear didn’t destroy the camera or its memory card, the conservation trust said, allowing internet voyeurs to catch a glimpse of its carefree dance for eternity.

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