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Siberian Priest Caught in Easter Stun Gun Attack

A local priest and his wife reportedly used a stun gun during a scuffle with passerby in the Siberian mining town of Novokuznetsk on Easter Sunday, local media reported.

The dispute began when two passerby asked the priest and his wife to take their dog that they had been walking elsewhere, the Znak web outlet reported on Monday. The request apparently prompted the priest to pull out the stun gun he had been carrying, as one does.

In video posted online, a woman can be heard accusing the priest of “breaking her face” with a stun gun following the heated exchange.

The church press service has not yet commented on the incident, the local news outlet reported, but the local Interior Ministry has promised to investigate the incident.

It’s not the first time that a Russian priest has found himself in hot water recently. In December, Russia's Orthodox Church investigated a priest over a series of Instagram photos showing him flaunting his luxury clothing, including Gucci slippers.

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