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Black Hole Image Proves the Universe Is a Meme

The Russian internet was abuzz with awe as news that scientists had captured the very first image of a black hole made its rounds yesterday.

Five hundred million trillion kilometers away from earth, the black hole is said to be bigger than our entire solar system. That's big.

And where there is wonder, there are memes. Here are some of our favorites:
Event Horizon Telescope, New Line Cinema, Pixabay / MT

Plot twist: The entire universe lies in the eye of a bored bird. 

Life can be more exciting when you can't see right. 

What if within that black hole was another, and another, and another... 

When your life perspectives are as bleak as a giant black hole. 

Brace yourselves. 

Even God thinks your existence is a joke. 

Consider yourself warned: You've been noticed. 

We'll get better at this, for sure. 

That big donut in the sky. 

Press and hold to restart literally everything, ever. 

Oh, so that's where you left them. 

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