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Protests in Ingushetia Flare Up, Again. And the Story of a Russian Assassin Who Started Talking

This week on From Russia With News, we discuss the growing demonstrations in Russia's smallest republic Ingushetia, where locals have been up in arms over a land swap that is carving out even more of their territory. We speak with Liza Fokht, a journalist working for the BBC’s Russian service, who has been covering the fallout from Moscow and Ingushetia.

What happens when an alleged Russian assassin, arrested in Ukraine after barely trying to conceal a murder, starts talking? We speak to Michael Schwirtz of the New York Times whose story about Oleg Smorodinov offers a closer look at how Russia’s foes abroad end up dead.

From Russia With News is hosted by Jonathan Brown and produced by Pjotr Sauer. The episode was recorded and edited at CM Records Studio in central Moscow.

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