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Russian Mayor Takes Oath to Star Wars Theme Tune

In a galaxy far, far away... 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border... The newly appointed Mayor of Belgorod is due to take oath.

As the suspense builds, deputy governors sit in anticipation. The announcement of their new leader’s name, Yuri Galdun, rings across the PA system, reaching the corners of their universe; also known as the city hall.

Suddenly, the brass section launches into a heraldic, unmistakable, victory-against-all-odds masterpiece of John Williams’ Star Wars score.

A cacophony of trumpets and horns explode and Belgorod’s new leader emerges, strides towards the podium and pledges allegiance with the most antithetical, deadpan expression imaginable.

The music ceases and no one bats an eyelid — we have returned to Earth.