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Pilot Fined After Flying Helicopter Under St. Petersburg Bridge


A St. Petersburg court has fined a daring pilot who flew a helicopter underneath a bridge several weeks ago.

Yevgeny Kuzovlev was filmed in August threading the needle between the motorway and the Malaya Neva River in a Gazelle helicopter. Kuzovlev later explained that he was forced to pass under the bridge because he had failed to gain altitude in time.

The St. Petersburg’s court system said on its Telegram channel Tuesday that Kuzovlev had been fined 150,000 rubles ($2,200) after pleading guilty to damaging a mode of transportation.

“Kuzovlev explained to the court that he had bought the main parts of the helicopter from the heirs of [a] late businessman… and bought the rest, having invited experts from Serbia to put the helicopter together,” it said.

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