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18 People Hospitalized in Russia by 'Poisonous' Perfume Bottle

Moskva News Agency

Several students have been hospitalized with signs of poisoning after a student sprayed perfume at a central Russian college.

Authorities said 18 college students in the town of Arsk 900 kilometers east of Moscow suffered headaches and nausea after a fellow student sprayed a perfume bottle last week. The republic of Tatarstan’s branch of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into the manufacture, storage and sale of products that do not meet safety requirements.

“Medical evaluation results suggest the students may have felt discomfort due to an allergic reaction,” the Investigative Committee said Monday.

It said the perfume bottle was bought at a local household store.

The committee and Tatarstan’s senior healthcare official said no toxic substances had been found in air samples taken after the incident.

All 18 victims were later released from hospital.

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