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Become a Pinball Wizard

A Moscow Times Clubs trip to a pinball museum

One of the oldest arcade machines in the museum. Courtesy of Pinball Museum

Arcade machines are something of a cult: they are a little clunky, a bit funky, and an incredible amount of fun. 

The proprietor of the Go Pinball Museum in Sokolniki has been collecting and restoring these magnificent playthings for years. He has gathered every pinball or arcade game from around the world that was played in Russia or that he could find. In the museum you don’t just look – you get a pile of tokens and play.

On Saturday afternoon, The Moscow Times Clubs is arranging a trip to the museum. You’ll learn all about the history of arcade games (in Russian and English), play some games, and have drinks and snacks provided by Coffee & Cakes Lovers.

For more information about the museum in Russian, check out the site

For more information about the event and to sign up, click here

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