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Springtime Floods Russian Cities With Rivers of Melted Snow

Instagam / ilmarinen

With the celebration of Orthodox Easter, Russia experienced a long-awaited rise in temperature, too. Warmer temperatures and the onset of spring also brought a less welcome guest: Floods. Here’s a look at springtime sun, wintery snow, and what happens in shoulder season when the two finally meet. 

Surviving spring on a father's shoulders in Novaya Usman, Voronezh region.

Meanwhile in Tula, water levels creep up over the city. 

Bridges give way to the tides in Kursk. 

The arrival of spring makes Crimea no place for a wandering pet. 

Canoes and kayaks come in handy in Orel. 

We'd recommend a lot slower than 40 for a day like this in Tambov. 

Not quite an everyday walk to work in Voronezh. 

Rapids and runoff take over the streets in Frolovo, Volgograd region. 

It's a long and treacherous path to the playground in Kudrovo, St. Petersburg.

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