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Moscow Earned Nearly $400 M in Parking Fees and Fines in 2017

Andrei Lyubimov / Moskva News Agency

Parking fines and fees have earned Moscow the equivalent of the annual average budget of a region in central Russia last year. 

The 18 regions in the Central Federal District, which includes Moscow, earn around 40 billion rubles  ($701 million) on average.

The Russian capital, meanwhile, has raked in some 22 billion rubles ($385.6 million) on parking fees and fines in 2017, according to the Vedomosti business daily.

If Moscow parking fees and fines make up half of the average region’s budget, that number is less than a fraction of the city’s total revenues in 2017, which totalled over 2 trillion rubles ($35.1 billion).

Last year, the Russian capital ended with a 2 billion ruble budget surplus instead of a projected deficit of 200 billion rubles, Vedomosti reported.

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