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Russian Embassy in Norway Denies Training Neo-Nazi Groups

Russian Embassy in Oslo Wikicommons

Russia’s Embassy in Oslo has denied allegations that it provided financial help for neo-Nazi groups in Norway to receive training.

A Norwegian television program aired last August claimed that members of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (DNM) had received military training in Russia. Early last year, the DNM was linked to a series of bomb attacks outside asylum reception centers across Norway.

Russia’s Embassy called the allegations “not just stupid, but blasphemous” in a statement published on its Facebook page Tuesday.

“It is not our country’s fault that the ultra-radical movement in Europe strengthens while traditional parties lose their influence,” it said.

The embassy went on to criticize what it saw as Norway’s leniency toward nationalist initiatives in Ukraine as well as disrespect towards war veterans in the Baltics.

“Unwilling to recognize obvious problems in Western society, its elite, experts, and ’systemic’ media outlets prefer to look for traces of ’Russian propaganda and influence,” the statement said.

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