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Russians Dive Into Snow in Viral Flashmob

Instagram @artemmakovskiy

While heavy snowfall continues to disrupt everyday life in Russia’s capital, social media users across the county have embraced the extreme weather conditions with a bizarre new online campaign.

Russian youngsters have taken to the internet with recorded videos of them jumping into snowbanks in their underwear in the #всугробchallenge.

The trending flashmob was launched by teenager Artem Makovsky from Petropavlovsk, in Russia’s Far Eastern region of Kamchatka, who posted the first video jump on Instagram before it spread across the country.

The trend-setter, a blogger from Russia’s Kamchatka region, jumps into the snowdrift.

A Kamchatka teenager has perfected the snow belly-flop.

A group of girls runs quite a distance to get the perfect jump.

A bored teenage girl drops her phone to embrace the snow in the #всугробchallenge.

Russian youngsters are making the best of their northern climate.

Публикация от @orlovskiy_life

Kamchatka is definitely the hotspot for the new flashmob.

Performing tricks in the snow.

These girls don’t seem to mind the freezing temperatures.

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