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Ukraine Preparing An 'Attack of the Drones' on Crimea — Russian Deputy


A Russian State Duma deputy has warned of an impending drone attack planned by Ukrainian special services against the annexed Crimean peninsula. 

After Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Moscow has repeatedly accused Kiev of plotting attacks against the Black Sea peninsula.

Ex-Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbek claimed that the drone attack would bear similarities to last week’s strike on Russian military installations in Syria, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported on Thursday. 

He said that the attack would be portrayed as an act of resistance by members of the Crimean Tatar community, which largely opposed Russia's annexation of the peninsula.

“The saboteurs don’t believe in the successful outcome of the attack, the main goal is information noise,” he said. 

Balbek claimed that he was tipped off about the plan by members of the Ukrainian-based Crimean Tatar community. 

“The very fact that this will be claimed a ‘Crimean-Tatar resistance operation’ should have the effect of an exploding bomb,” he said.

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