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Frost Turns Floating Bridge in Moscow's Zaryadye Park Into Ice Skating Rink

Lyubomov Andrei / Moskva News Agency

Frosty weather and faulty drainage turned a picturesque floating bridge in Moscow’s new Zaryadye Park near the Kremlin into an ice rink, the Riamo news agency reported Thursday.

Zaryadye Park opened after five years of construction to mark Moscow’s 870th anniversary in early September. The park briefly closed one day after opening when its hallmark glass dome and plant life were vandalized.

The floating bridge in the $245-million park was closed on Wednesday after ice covered its wooden walkway overnight. The ice was formed because of an incorrectly installed draining system, Riamo reported.

The bridge was reopened for visitors after municipal workers covered the walkway with sand.

The park’s budget could nearly double to more than $400 million after additional planned construction over the next two years.

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