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Moscow: News and Openings

Vintage Music Museum 

Record of the times 

This museum at the VDNKh complex displays more than 300 gramophones, phonographs, jukeboxes, radios and vinyl records. The five rooms track the development of music equipment from the end of the 19th century to the 1980s. You can see the largest and the smallest records, Thomas Edison’s first phonograph and an antique gramophone that belonged to a lady-in-waiting at Nicholas II’s imperial court. 

H&M flagship store 

Sweden comes to Tverskaya 

H&M’s new flagship store will open its doors on Tverskaya Ulitsa on May 27 at noon. Located in the building that used to house the Galereya Aktera mall, the store will take up three floors and about 5,000 square meters. All the product lines will be represented: women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, makeup and underwear. The Basic, Divided and Studio labels are all here, as well as the recycled Conscious brand, H&M Sport clothing and the company’s H&M Home interior design range. 

					Meatless					 					Meatless/Facebook
Meatless Meatless/Facebook


New location for grill chain 

Meatless has opened a third branch close to Paveletskaya station. All the meat comes from the Voronezh region and all food is cooked on the grill, even the cheesecake (370 rubles/$6.50). Try the veal ribs with Jack Daniel’s sauce, which the restaurateurs make themselves (1,540 rubles). The new seafood menu features grilled scallops (1,645 rubles) and Kamchatka crab (3,980 rubles for two). 

					Eataly					 					Eataly/Facebook
Eataly Eataly/Facebook


Dine and shop al’Italia 

Eataly, an Italian supermarket with restaurants that was supposed to launch in Moscow several years ago, is finally opening at the the Kievsky mall on May 25. More than 60 percent of the food will come from Italy - the rest is local. Some of the cheeses will be Swiss, some will be made at a dairy factory at Eataly. Apart from cheese, Eataly will produce its own pasta, bread and beer. There will be two cafes and restaurants specializing in meat, fish and pizza/pasta. 

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