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Chechen Leader Kadyrov Says His Underage Children Earn More Than Putin

Yelena Afonina / TASS

Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov reportedly earned more than Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, while his two children took home thousand-dollar incomes.

Two of Kadyrov's twelve children earned more than 9.9 million rubles ($176,000) last year, according to the politician's latest income declaration.

Kadyrov himself earned 11.5 million rubles ($203 million), more than both Putin (who earned 8.9 million rubles, or $157,000,) and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (who earned 8.6 million.)

The leader of Russia's southern Chechnya region saw his income skyrocket compared to 2015, when his total earnings remained at just over 6 million rubles. ($106,000). In 2014, he earned just 4.8 million rubles ($85,000).

His children also saw their income rise by 4900 percent, climbing from just 200,000 rubles in 2015 ($3,500). The source of the children's income was not detailed in the declaration.

The Kadyrov family also declared two plots of land, a family home, and an apartment, Russia's RBC news outlet reported.

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