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Dozens Injured After Moscow-Bangkok Flight Hit With Freak Turbulence

Khusen Rustamov / Pixabay

27 passengers suffered injuries on a flight between Moscow and Bangkok May 1, as their plane entered an air-pocket causing severe turbulence, the Interfax agency has reported.

The Aeroflot Boeing 737-777, with around 300 passengers on board, was preparing to land as it suddenly jumped 100-200 meters.

“Some passengers who didn’t have their belts fastened were thrown to the walkway,” a source in Thailand told Interfax.

"27 people have been hospitalized, 24 of them are Russians and three are Thai citizens," the head of the Russian embassy in Thailand’s consular department, Vladimir Sosnov, said.

Passengers suffered from fractures, concussions and three cases of spinal compression fractures, the RBC news outlet reported. The injured passengers were transferred to hospital immediately after landing.

The air-pocket was invisible on the Aeroflot plane's weather radar, Interfax reported.

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