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Prison Still Holding 'Freed' Russian Dissident Dadin

A Russian state human rights commission will conduct an unplanned inspection of a Siberian prison after it failed to release dissident Ildar Dadin.

Sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for repeatedly violating laws restricting public protest, Dadin came to public prominence in late 2016 when he penned a letter to his wife alleging systematic torture in prison. On Feb. 22, the Russian Supreme Court overturned Dadin's conviction. Nonetheless, he remains behind bars.

"I don't understand why the court's decision has not been implemented," said Alexei Belous, chairman of the Public Oversight Commission (POS) in Altai Kray, where Dadin is imprisoned. "There was a live broadcast of the hearing. The prison administration knows the court's decision."

However, the Altai IK-5 prison reportedly did not receive the court decision on Feb. 23 — a condition that the warden said was required for Dadin's release, Anastasia Zotova, Dadin's wife, told Russia's independent Dozhd television channel.

But Belousov alleges this is not a requirement in cases where a verdict is overturned. His organization will now pay an unscheduled visit the prison tomorrow to clarify the situation.

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