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Russia Prepares New North Korea Sanctions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Wong Maye-E / AP

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has drafted new sanctions against North Korea, officially halting the sale of Russian ships and helicopters to Pyongyang.

Once signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the new measures will also stop the import of North Korean copper, nickel, silver and zinc.

The sanctions will end many of the existing scientific exchange programs between Moscow and Pyongyang, forcing Russian officials to notify the UN Security Council before joint-projects take place.

While the Security Council will theoretically be able to veto new engineering and nuclear science exchange programs, the ultimate decision on whether projects will go ahead lies with the Kremlin. Medical exchange programs will also be allowed to continue.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution placing new sanctions on North Korea after Pyongyang launched a medium-range missile on Feb. 12. The missile fell into the Sea of Japan.

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