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Over 70 Flights Delayed In Moscow Due to Inclement Weather

Over 70 flights have been delayed in Moscow after temperatures dropped below freezing following an afternoon of icy rain. 

According to the Yandex.Tablo website, 47 flights have been delayed and 72 have been cancelled at Sheremetyevo International Airport. At Domodedovo International Airport more than 23 have been delayed and 8 cancelled. One additional flight was delayed at Vnukovo International Airport.

As of this morning, no more than 30 flights were delayed. However, the declining weather conditions led to the formation of frazil ice on the runways. As a result, the airports are using extra cleaning equipment, the airfields are being preventatively treated with a reagent, and all aircraft is being treated with anti-icing fluid, a source in the air traffic controller service told the Interfax news agency.


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