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Russian Police Officer Faces 10 Years Behind Bars for Viciously Beating a Prisoner


A law enforcement officer in the Russian city of Omsk faces ten years behind bars, after a hidden camera filmed him beating a prisoner at a police station.

According to a video published on Nov. 2 by the REN TV station, Police Major Sergei Shapochnikov led a prisoner into a room, pinning his arms behind his back and kicking him. When the prisoner resisted, the police major — a hulking, much larger man — became more violent, throwing him to the ground and kicking him repeatedly. Even after the prisoner ceased all resistance, Shapochnikov continued to kick him on the floor.

According to REN TV, this was not the first incident in which Shapochnikov behaved violently on the job. Following this case, he was removed from his position, and he now faces criminal charges that could send him to prison for up to ten years.

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