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The Moscow Manege Says ‘Buongiorno’ to Italy Week

Enjoy the sights, sounds and taste of Italy this week at the Manege Italy week

Moscow and its residents can take a trip to the sun-kissed mediterranean this week without ever leaving the capital. “Buongiorno Italia,” a festival taking place at the Manege through October 8, will introduce visitors to Italy’s rich culture: from education to travel, fashion, medical science, business, and, of course, Italian cuisine. 

“Both Italy and Russia have a hugely important literary, artistic, musical and cinematic heritage. ‘Buongiorno Italia’ aims to bring Russia and Italy closer together and to help them understand one another,” said Safiullina Roufina, the manager of the event, in an interview with The Moscow Times.

As part of the Italian extravaganza visitors can enjoy the “Viva l’Italia” photo exhibition organized by the National Museum of Cinema in Turin. The exhibition, which was supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Moscow, will travel all over Russia once the fair comes to a close. 

Meanwhile Italian film buffs can appreciate a collection of  80 photographs from photographer Angelo Fronton. From the famous screen divas to directors and rare backstage shots, the exhibition is allows you to immerse yourself in the golden age of the Italian film industry.

Other events include the screening of classic Italian films in original language with Russian subtitles, a concert by singer Thomas Grazioso and an installation of costumes from ll Ballo del Doge, the famous masquerade ball which takes place annually during the Carnival of Venice .

“Despite economic sanctions and other the other strenuous factors on Italy and Russia’s relationship, the two nations are bound together in a rather permanent way. We have a lot of characteristics in common and Russia's culture has many similarities with that of Italy” said Roufina.

“Buongiorno Italia” runs through October 8 at the Moscow Manege. Manege Square. Metro Alexandrovsky Sad, Okhotny Ryad.

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