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Weekend in Moscow: Spasskaya Tower Festival, Israeli Film and More

Spasskaya Tower Festival

Spasskaya Tower Festival

Military bands and more

For the 9th year, Red Square is being occupied by all things military, musical, and equestrian for a week. This is the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival, where some of the best military bands, honor guards and other uniformed performing groups in the world gather to strut their stuff. This year there will be 22 groups from 13 countries performing in the evening, and events all day, including equestrian shows and exciting activities guaranteed to give parents a heart attack, like sword spinning master classes for kids. You can buy tickets online or at two special ticket-o-mats on Nikolskaya Ulitsa and Manege Square, near the Historical Museum. The full program and lots of information can be found on their site, which is helpfully in five languages. On Saturday and Sunday evening, the marching, jumping, dancing, riding bands will perform with special guest Mireille Mathieu.

Through Sept. 4

					Presenting Princess Shaw					 					Israeli Film Festival
Presenting Princess Shaw Israeli Film Festival

Israeli Film Festival

A tradition that gets better

Another late-summer tradition in Moscow is the Israeli Film Festival, which is going on its 15th year. Organized by Pioner Cinema and the Israeli Embassy, the program presents the full range of film genres and highlights works by Nadav Lapid, whose film, “From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer” will be shown on Saturday at the Pioner Cinema and introduced by actor Ohad Knoller. Two important documentaries will also be screened: “Rabin in His Own Words,” a portrait of Israeli prime minister Itzhak Rabin, who was killed in 1995, and “Presenting Princess Shaw,” a fantastical story about the birth of talent and love on the Internet. The films, in Hebrew with Russian subtitles, will be shown at the Pioner Kutuzovsky venue and other sites. See the Pioner site for more information and ticket purchases.

Pioner Cinema

21 Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Metro Kutuzovskaya

Through Sept. 4


20-Ton Greek Salad on Red Square

Olives, Feta and Feasting

Yes, you heard us right. To celebrate this year's Spasskaya Tower Festival and the Year of Greece in Russia, Mouzendis Travel will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Greek salad on Saturday. The Hellenic wonder will be prepared on Red Square, with Muscovites of all ages invited to lend a hand in chopping, dicing and mixing. Spectators will also have the chance to take part in competitions, win trips to Greece and — hopefully — taste of victory once the salad is prepared.

Red Square

Metro Okhotny Ryad, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, Teatralnaya

Through Sept. 4

					Julianna Barwick					 					Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Julianna Barwick Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Mosaic Music

Julianna Barwick in concert

This coming week the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art kicks of its new program of music events 'Mosaic Music.' Over the course of the coming months Garage will invite Russian and international artists who have had a significant influence on our understanding of contemporaneity to perform in its atrium. On Monday Julianna Barwick, a renowned American ambient musician and singer, will treat Moscow audiences to her hypnotic compositions. Tickets can be bought for 500 rubles on the museum website.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

9 Krymsky Val, Bldg. 32

Metro Oktyabrskaya, Park Kultury

Sept. 5

					Pasta with sauce Amatriciana, a specialty of one of the cities destroyed by an earthquake on Aug. 24.					 					foodnetwork
Pasta with sauce Amatriciana, a specialty of one of the cities destroyed by an earthquake on Aug. 24. foodnetwork


Eat great food, help earthquake victims

Here’s a delicious way to help the people who suffered in the devastating earthquake that destroyed the Italian towns of Amatrice, Arquata and Accumuli: Eat pasta. A number of Moscow chefs are joining their kitchen colleagues in Italy to make some great pasta dishes and donate the money to the earthquake victims. The Café Gelateria Plombir is running an event called “Pasta per AMAtrice #eatforitaly.” For the next five nights, from 5 to 11 p.m. Italian and Russian chefs from various restaurants will make different kinds of pasta in one of the Plombir shops. Each dish costs 500 rubles that will be entirely donated to the people in need. Check out the Facebook site for chefs and their dishes.

Gelateria Plombir

+ 7 (968) 665 9301

15 Lubyansky Proezd, Bldg. 2. Metro  Kitai-Gorod

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