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Video: Kazakh KHL Star Suspended After Solo Takedown of Opposing Team

Kazakh hockey star Damir Ryspayev has been indefinitely suspended from Russia's Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) after attempting to fight the entire lineup of an opposing team during a pre-season matchup on Tuesday.

Ryspayev's bold assault on the roster of the Kunlun Red Stars began just three minutes into the match. The brawl began with “a snide punch by Barys forward Ryspayev on Red Star’s Tomas Marcinko,” according to an official KHL statement announcing Ryspayev's suspension on Wednesday.

The Kazakh player's assault quickly spread from player to player until he ran out of targets on the ice. Ryspayev then charged the Red Stars' bench, jumping in to continue the fight single-handed against the remainder of the team.

The KHL statement noted “that Ryspayev has been a serial offender ... in spite of previous disciplinary sanctions from the League and a stern warning issued to the player in January of this year.” He has been suspended indefinitely, pending further league investigation into his behavior.

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